System Navigator 2014 Free License

System Navigator 2014 is a powerful file manager for your Windows computer. Aside from the basic file operations (e.g. create, delete, move, rename, etc.) features of System Navigator 2014 include dual panes, ability to extract and create popular archive formats like ZIP, 7z, and RAR, support for FTP/SFTP and sharing files via email or social networks, built-in image and text editor, ability to lock files, folders, and drives to prevent unauthorized access, built-in CD/DVD/ISO burner, and more.

System Navigator is a useful file manager that aims to take your file management tasks to a new level. It includes multiple features that can improve your efficiency and save time when you need to organize, preview or edit files.

The app features a multi-pane interface that provides quick access to frequently used operations such as moving files or creating new folders. It also allows you to use function key shortcuts and drag-and-drop.

The interface is well crafted and can be more appealing to the average and beginner users rather than advanced ones. However, it can be customized to match your favorite layout by collapsing the panes or toolbars that you are not using.

You can create multiple tabs for each pane and jump to important disk locations such as the user’s documents or the desktop. If you do not like to have multiple tabs opened at the same time you can save a folder to the favorites and open it with just a few clicks.

The program includes a versatile viewer that can handle text, images and video files which saves you the trouble of opening other programs. You are also able to edit the files with a text editor that supports HTML export, text transformation and macro recording.

The archive support is extensive and enables you to create over ten archive formats, split files and use encryption algorithms for protecting the content. The app enables you to analyze the disk usage by using the Size Manager to visualize the distribution of the files according to their size.

System Navigator provides access to FTP and Secure FTP servers in order to transfer files with minimum effort. Additional online tools include the ability to manage the images stored in your Facebook account and to upload movies to YouTube.

Unlike other file managers, this program allows you to burn data to a disc and to create ISO files without requiring third party plug-ins. You can also convert and resize images by using the commands from the center bar.

Although it uses more memory than similar applications, System Navigator runs smoothly and does not have an impact on other applications while copying files or creating archives. It only required significant resources when using the Size Manager to scan an entire partition.

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