Promote Your Software

A promising and unique opportunity for software developers!

Welcome to our unique software distribution initiative, which will provide you with an easy and risk-free method to build additional user base and spread your excellent software around the world. If you are a Software Company, Digital Content Creator, Developer or you offer SaaS services or even a start-up, our marketing promotions are the perfect choice for your business.

Giveaways, discounts and coupons generally allow companies to make massive sales and get more customers more swiftly than any promotion. We will publish your software as a giveaways on our website and give you the opportunity to generate more sale, direct feedback from the users, beta testing and more and a promising highest ROI. Additionally, we will spread about your product in our social channels and also on our prestigious mobile apps.

What you get?

Sales: generate massive sales depending on how good the deal is.
Exposure: our deals are featured on websites, social networks and our mobile apps.
Traffic: never ending traffic even when a giveaway is over.
Feedback: take feedbacks from user to help create a better software and engage in direct sales.

Giveaway type acceptance!

We currently accept giveaways of paid or shareware software only which can be of PC, MAC, Android or iOS app. We also accept paid reviews or showcase of websites and free softwares (mobile or desktop) for a nominal amount of 10$ per submission. As for coupons and discount, the minimum benefit we accept is of 10% in value.

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