Steganos Privacy Suite 15 Free License

Steganos Privacy Suite 15 is designed to protect your sensitive information from data thieves and cyber criminals. You may store your financial records in a simple excel sheet and save it on your PC, Laptop or USB stick, but if that device is stolen the data is instantly available to the thief. Privacy Suite protects you from such scenarios by encrypting your data and making it impossible to be viewed by thieves.

The program encrypts your documents and personal files and stores them in “safes”. Users can store the safe in their local drive or carry them around in a portable media such as USB stick, DVD, and CD without worrying about data theft. Only the owner of the safe can decrypt the data by entering the correct password.

Product Features

  • Steganos Safe: Protects all your data against unauthorised access. Without the right password no one can get at its contents. The opened safe integrates itself seamlessly into the system as a drive and can be used from any program.
  • Mailbox Safe: No one can access your digital mail without the right password. For Outlook (including contacts, calendar and tasks), Outlook Express and Windows Mail.
  • Steganos Password Manager: Saves all kinds of access data in encrypted form.
  • Steganos Track Destroyer: You leave tracks on your PC from surfing and working. Steganos Track Destroyer removes them reliably to protect your privacy.
  • Steganos Shredder: When having your computer repaired or selling it, your personal data can easily fall into the wrong hands. You can prevent this. Steganos Shredder deletes files and folders irretrievably from your PC.

[su_heading size=”30″]How to Get it?[/su_heading]

This giveaway is provided by Steganos and it will give you free full functionality. Use this link to go to the promo page and get your free license and then download the software from this link


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