Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Free 6 Months Trial License

Panda Cloud Antivirus is an excellent lightweight antivirus that takes care of your system without using lots of system resources or having nagging pop ups all the time. Panda Cloud Antivirus is based on Collective Intelligence, a system for detecting and disinfecting viruses and other threats that feeds off the knowledge shared by millions of users.

The uncluttered Cloud AV interface belies some useful security tools that make this version much more competitive than before. In version 2.0, Cloud Antivirus Free gets access to the behavioral analysis engine that had previously been only in the Pro version. Other improvements in both versions include a better exposure of how Cloud Antivirus protects you when you’re offline, a cloud-based disinfection protocol, and dramatic improvements in scan benchmarking.

It works as other antivirus solutions do, offering a semi-quick scan (called Optimized Scan,) a full scan (called Scan My Computer,) and a custom scan for specific folder, files, and drives. Where ancillary features used to be exceptionally light, they’ve now begun to fill out — even in the free version.

You can customize the scans to detect potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), toggle off behavioral detections and analysis, archive file scans, and how the scan reacts to detected threats. There’s an exclusion list, and quarantine management, which is the “recycle bin.”

As noted above, the process manager uses Panda’s crowd-supplied data to help determine if any running processes are malicious. The spreadsheet layout tells you if a process is safe, if it’s been signed, and when it was last detected. It’ll let you know when a program last accessed the Internet, if it has any restrictions placed on it, and you can double-click on a process to see the list of URLs that it’s visited.

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This giveaway is provided by Panda Software and will give you free full version functionality for 6 months, Download the special installer from this link and don’t forget to choose “Activate Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro” at the end of the installation.

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