Norton Mobile Security Free 1 year Trial

Norton Mobile Security provides protection for Android smartphones and tablets with features such as anti-virus, finding lost or stolen devices, privacy protection, and more.

Norton Mobile Security protects you and your Android™ smartphones and tablets against threats such as malicious apps, theft or loss, and websites designed to steal your information and money. More importantly, Norton provides proactive protection against potentially risky apps. Apps that could leak your personal information and content, excessively use your battery and data plan or have annoying intrusive behavior. Norton puts you in control – so you can decide which apps to trust to use your personal information, photos, videos, battery and data plan or get in the way of your mobile experience.

Powerful protection for your mobile world and the stuff in it

  • Compatible with Android™ smartphones and tablets, iPhone® and iPad®
  • Instantly pinpoint your missing device on a map to help you find it fast
  • Back up and restore your contacts across your devices
  • Help protect Android devices against potential privacy risks, malware and phishing

Protects multiple mobile devices with one easy-to-use Web-based service

  • Control protection for all of your mobile devices from one convenient website.
  • Protects both Android™ smartphones and tablets.
  • Remotely locate and back up contacts from your iPhone® and iPad®.

Helps recover your lost or stolen device

  • Shows you the location of your missing device on a map to help you find it fast. Also works for iPhone and iPad.
  • Lets you use the built-in webcam to take a photo of anyone using your webcam-enabled device.
  • If you misplace your phone or tablet, you can set off a “scream” alarm to find it fast.
  • Lets you display a customizable message to anyone who finds your missing device, so you can make arrangements to get it back.

Stops access of your private information

  • Remotely lock your lost or stolen smartphones and tablets through our secure website, so strangers can’t use them or access your information.
  • Erase the information on your device, if necessary, so your private Stuff stays that way.
  • Block fraudulent (phishing) websites designed to trick you into revealing personal information that can be used to steal your identity and money.
  • Instantly lock your phone if the SIM card is removed, so it can’t be used with another SIM card.

Restores your lost information

  • Back up the contacts from your Android, iPhone or iPad and easily restore them in case you accidentally delete them or get a new device.
  • Allows you to share contacts across your iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Protects against digital threats

  • Neutralizes malware, greyware and other mobile threats.
  • Identifies and lets you remove apps that have potential privacy risks, such as leaking your personal information off your device.
  • Gives you the power to eliminate mobile spam by blocking unwanted calls and texts.
  • Automatically scans downloaded apps and app updates for threats and lets you get rid of them.
  • Gives you the option of automatically scanning Secure Digital (SD) memory cards for threats when you plug them into your mobile device.

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This giveaway is provided by Norton and it will give you full functionality for 1 year only. Click this link to go to promo site and use the below details to activate the app on your Android or iOS device.

Note: After you click the “Download It Now” button below, you will be taken you to a page on Norton’s website where you must enter your email. Once you enter your email, you will be given a coupon code which you can use to get one year free license of Norton Mobile Security. At that screen, simply click the “One Year FREE Trial” button, enter the coupon code, and follow on-screen instructions.


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