Monitor WhatsApp Pro Giveaway

Monitor WhatsApp Pro is a tool that monitors your WhatsApp activities and save all your chat history on your internal or external memory. It also provides you the option to send reports via email including the text chat, video, photos and more.

Using Monitor WhatsApp you can monitor and keep backup of your WhatsApp chat history.

The App will report in a ePub file, report will include all info: text chat,location, photo, video and more.

A report will be sent if either there are 50 new whatsapp messages or 8 hours passed from last report.

Only The first report will be sent after one hour of install (at least 10 new message should be there to send)

It is necessary to hide the app to run and monitor in background, please refer to the last screenshot. (without hiding app will not start monitoring)

App will auto started in background after phone boot and will keep running all the time (after hiding no interaction is required)

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[sociallocker id=”401″]This giveaway is provided by Hungryforapps and it will give you full functionality. Download the app from this link and install it on your android device.[/sociallocker]


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