Lavasoft Registry Tuner 1 Year Trial

Lavasoft Registry Tuner lets you speed up system by optimizing the important aspects of Windows OS: Registry. NO expensive hardware upgrade is necessary, software manage and fix Registry errors, scans drives and removes corrupt or unnecessary files and tuneup system performance.
To main PC stability & speed, Registry errors must be fixed, Registry Tunes efficiently identify over 16 areas of the Windows registry that are critical to PC performance, identifies errors and fixes them. It also Cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows registry to ensure stable system operation, system speed, response time and load time.
Besides Fixing error, it also checks & removes obsolete & junk files responsible for PC slowdown issue. Software comes with a easy-to-use backup option that software uses efficiently to restore previous registry setting and roll-back system to stable state.
Software has special on-click scanning methods with manual selection feature, no hidden scan, only the criteria you need can be easily configured and very scan report displays full information of last scan that’s why you may easily get details of the issue disturbing your PC performance.

Clean Registry: One-click scan & resolve utility, It scan your PC to resolve problem & eliminate potential errors in Windows registry, by-default it scan all the following registry entries you may also select you need.

Start Menu Entries, Application Paths, Windows Startup Entrees, Uninstall Entries, MR List, ActiveX/OLE/COM entries, File Extensions, Shared DLL Files, File Associations, Application Events, Windows Services, Font Entries, Help Files.

Clean Drives: Quickly scan you drives & eliminate unnecessary files and internet clutter, easily set target drive or folder, Exclusion list is also added so that no harms occur accidentally. Files to find option gives you description of the files software scans.

Manage Application: Two most important features added here : Software Uninstaller and IE ad-on remover. It safely uninstall programs, as well as removes and clean the files fragment left behind, all you need to select software & uninstall. IE Plugin removes unnecessary Internet Explorer plugins.

Recovery Center: This section contains most important task you should always perform before running a registry scan is Registry backup. Use a full backup while system runs in stable condition and anytime restore to revert any unstable or corrupted registry. System restore point an additional function added to list.

Reports: A dedicated menu for the day to day registry fixing report. Here you get last report of fixes and repairs Lavasoft Registry Tuner perform for your PC/laptop. Registry is the heart of Windows PC, so a little problem may degrade whole system, so it’s always recommend to take a backup before running Registry tuner. Try to check full details so that same problem never happen again.

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