Ashampoo Music Studio 4 Free License

Ashampoo Music Studio is a perfect tool for users who are looking to produce music at their home. The program can create, rip, record, edit, and even design covers for albums. The interface of the program is simple with all the tools striped to the bottom of the interface. Files can be added to the program only by using the file browser as drag and drop is not supported. Track information if not available is automatically fetched from online database. This feature is very useful when you are ripping audio CDs as it automatically finds  information related to the album, author, artists, and tracks.

Ashampoo Music Studio can rip audio CDs to a variety of formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV or FLAC. Extracting audio from video is also supported, which allows you to select any part of the video and convert it to audio. You can edit audio tracks, merge them with other tracks, and even add your own voice recording by using the microphone. After you are done, you can burn the tracks to create an audio CD, WMA disk, MP3 disk, or mixed CD. Album covers can also be designed using the cover editor tool.

[su_heading size=”30″]How to Get it?[/su_heading]

This giveaway is provided by Ashampoo Software and will give you free full version functionality. Visit this link to download the installer and click this link to get your free license key

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