Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder 1 Year Free Trial

Music downloaded from the internet or ripped from an audio cd may not contain cover and mp3 tag information, such as artist, album, genre, year, etc. Ashampoo MP3 Cover is designed to find mp3 covers and other related mp3 tags. It uses a unique fingerprint technology that can find mp3 covers even if the mp3 does not have a proper file name and tag information.

The program interface is straightforward where mp3 files or entire mp3 album folders can be added. The process is simple and quick, which is carried out by two buttons, find cover and optimize. Find cover lists additional options in a drop down menu. The first option only finds covers for tracks that have cover missing, the second option only finds covers for selected tracks, and the last option finds cover for all the added tracks. Next step is optimize, which attaches the cover and correct tag information in mp3 tracks. Like the find cover option, here also you are offered three different options to choose the tracks you want to process.

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This giveaway is provided by Ashampoo Software and will give you free limited version functionality. Visit this link to download the installer and click this link to get your free license key

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