Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 Free License

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 is CPU utilization software helps user set CPU priority for individual processes and run system in optimal condition so that users never get any system slowdown or application freeze or accidentally crash. Software lets you add a set of rules for the CPU cores that will applied to particular process or services while it runs so that no single process can take too much CPU and absorve other normal functions.
CPU is shared across the running processes in such a way that each application & service gets enough resources to run normally but still operating system encounters crashes and freeze system normal function, it’s because some of running Windows programs take too much CPU than the actual amount they need that’s why some other applications get crashed due to lack of sufficient CPU supports.
Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 is just the appropriate tool that automatically fix CPU priority and run application ins optimal condition and helps users manually set CPU Core priority to particular process or services. This tool supports up to 8 cores processors. You can easily create different types of profiles and assign CPU cores to single application, as well as set rules for services which enable/disable services, terminate processes.
Set of pre-defined profiles for the individual adjustment are there to make you understand rest of the tutorials & setups. This is more than a TaskManager, you get details information and current status of your system CPU Cores along with RAM & total CPU usage.
Rating feature used in software in Autostart & services tab for better & fresh review. Core Tuner gives you a clear view of the load distribution quickly. This is a advance level software, so distribute CPU according to load your profiles need & carefully assign CPU core otherwise application may consume higher amount of RAM and increase system temperature.

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